Board of Directors

Meet the Energy 2.0 Society Board of Directors:

 Gary Scott — President

“I am an electrical engineer and have worked with wind energy, solar energy and electrical equipment for 33 years. Since 2011 the reports of Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat convinced me that nickel-hydrogen LENR must be the next step in the energy evolution of humanity. I helped form Energy 2.0 as an educational Society to help others through the transition.” Gary is an electrical engineer working at Schneider Electric in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Bill Sutton — Secretary

“An avid interest in finding a new energy source to reduce the world’s dependence on fossil fuels, has led me to the Energy 2.0 Society. After seeing the results of testing by several companies, I believe we are on the verge of a product that will complement the centralized energy dynamic in the world’s industrial economies.” Bill is a farmer in Jefferson, Iowa

Mike Phalen — Treasurer

“Watching the LENR story unfold up to this point has been absolutely fascinating, but the real story — how the planet will transition to this new energy source — is just beginning. Just as the inventors of the first transistor were not thinking of an iPad, today we have no idea where this technology will lead us. My initial interest is to help spread the technology by working with replicators and by providing researchers access to information and research reactors.” Mike is the owner of Now Computing, LLC in Battle Ground, Washington.


Frank Acland — Board Member

“I have always hoped to see the appearance of an energy source that would be an improvement on the options that are currently available today, and I am convinced that LENR has the potential to revolutionize the production of energy in positive ways. I hope that the Energy 2.0 Society can play a part in helping people understand more about this new energy technology and its potential and benefits.” Frank is owner and publisher of the E-Cat World website and lives near Pleasanton, Iowa


Tom Wind — Board Member

“Having been an electric power engineer for over forty years and a consulting engineer on renewable energy projects for twenty years, I know how difficult it is and how long it takes for new technology to really make a significance difference in the world. Rather than just reading about LENR, I am at a point in my career where I want to see if I can do more to usher in this technology. This is why I have joined my colleagues in forming the Energy 2.0 Society.” Tom is the president of of Wind Utility Consulting in Jamaica, Iowa.

Pat Higby — Board Member

“I was working for the University of Northern Iowa Physics Department when we first learned that Fleischmann and Pons had achieved Cold Fusion.  I was excited by the potential of this new technology, and was surprised by the reactions of my colleagues, who did not believe it was true based on their understanding of the atom.  I was far more willing to accept that it was possible, it had occurred, and it indicated we still had a lot to learn about the atom!  Even though Cold Fusion (aka Low Energy Nuclear Reactions or Lattice Assisted Nuclear Reactions) has been demonstrated at laboratories around the world, doubt persists. It is my goal as an educator to inform my colleagues, all scientists, and the general public about the reality of LENR and its potential for shaping a safer, brighter future for our grandchildren.” Before her retirement last year, Pat was the Energy Education and Outreach Coordinator for the Center for Energy and Environmental Education at the University of Northern Iowa in Waterloo, Iowa.