Mission and Vision


The Energy 2.0 Society is an educational organization that provides information and spreads awareness about Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) technology and promotes it as a clean and economical source of energy to be used for the benefit of humanity.

Vision for the Energy 2.0 Society

1. Providing education and awareness about LENR.

Giving public lectures and conference presentations
Providing information through websites, social media and video
Interfacing with traditional media outlets
Holding webinars
Providing information to, and meeting with key decision makers in business, government, science, media and education

2. Carrying out research and development in an open way, sharing results and encouraging others to do the same

Development of our own Energy 2.0 reactor, conducting experiments, and sharing results.
Providing support for others involved in open research and development
Providing successful reactors to research laboratories for independent testing

3. Demonstrating and showcasing LENR technologies and devices

Demonstrating LENR devices to the public.
Operating a facility where people can visit and see that LENR devices are operational and shown to be doing useful work

4. Supporting the use of LENR for humanitarian purposes to solve real-world problems and alleviate suffering

Advocating for the the adoption of LENR as an energy source to be used in places where there are critical energy needs
Working with manufacturers of LENR products to provide LENR devices to people and places where they can be used to address critical energy needs.
Raising funds for humanitarian projects where LENR can be implemented.