LENR 101: An Introduction to Low Energy Nuclear Reactions — Webinar by Mats Lewan on Jan 16th

The Energy 2.0 Society will be hosting a live webinar on Saturday, January 16th titled “LENR 101: An Introduction to Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, presented by Swedish author and Journalist Mats Lewan.

Mats Lewan senior staff writer at Ny Teknik, Stockholm, Sweden – the major technology weekly in Scandinavia. He is also the managing editor of Next Magasin. Mats received his Master of Science degree in Engineering Physics from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. Mats was present at some of the early E-Cat demonstrations carried out by Andrea Rossi and has reported widely on LENR and Andrea Rossi in Ny Teknik, and his book An Impossible Invention  which chronicles the life and work of Andrea Rossi, and the development of his E-Cat technology.

Please refer to the flyer below for details about the webinar. There are only 200 connections available for the live webinar, but the webinar will be recorded and posted on YouTube.

The Energy 2.0 Society’s previous webinar, titled “Replicating the Rossi Effect: Challenges and Strategies” was broadcast on November 21, 2015, and videos can be seen here.