Become an Energy 2.0 Society Volunteer!

Do you want to help educate people about the benefits of LENR technology? Are you interested in promoting its use around the world to improve lives and help solve some of the many energy-related problems we face? Do you have a particular skill or experience that could help in a volunteer effort to help move this new source of energy forward?

Things Anyone Can Do

Anyone who has an interest in helping build awareness about the benefits of LENR can do many things to share news and information about it. Here are some ideas:

  • Become informed and educated about LENR
  • Talk to friends, family, colleagues about the LENR
  • Like or share articles, messages and videos via social media
  • Post comments on blogs and web sites
  • Inform elected officials, energy professionals, policy makers, and others in decision-making positions
  • Inspire the next generation!

Volunteering help with the Energy 2.0 Society

The Energy 2.0 Society is seeking to identify volunteers who would like to help move the work of the organization forward. We would like to get involvement and input from people who support our mission who have interests, skills, knowledge and experience that could help us meet our goals.

People who are interested in lending some time and talent to the Energy 2.0 Society are invited to sign up as a volunteer below. We compile a database of all who sign up and will be in touch with volunteers whose skills and interests match our needs.